Hot – Cold Water Purifier – The trend of smart choice

Today, the use of all kinds of water purifier to serve the needs of using pure water in the family is no stranger in Vietnam. But choosing a type of water purifier really guarantees the criteria: Clean – Safe – Convenient – Fashion is not an easy thing for any sister. A KoriHome Series 9 water filter to ensure the water is always fresh, remove substances, help increase the juicy taste is an indispensable secret of women in the journey to protect the family’s health.
Korean RO membrane removes 99.99% of viruses, chemical residues, etc.

RO membrane of reverse osmosis technology of Korea is the key point to completely remove residues, rust, algae produced, organic chemicals, excess chlorine when water is left too long in the tank. to the current tap water.

In addition, Series 9 uses a functional core filter system to add minerals, creating sweetness for drinking water after RO membrane. Alkaline Hydrogen filter element helps to create alkaline water and replenish Hydrogen content to help eliminate oxidants, eliminate aging agents, cause cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure. Splitting water molecules into smaller clusters helps the body absorb faster, improving metabolism

Features get intelligent hot and cold water, custom cold temperature according to your preferences

The back of the body of the water purifier always has a valve to adjust the cold temperature you like. Just turn clockwise to lower the water temperature or turn counter-clockwise to raise the temperature. Therefore, you will always make sure that your family is using cold water most suitable for health and especially in the throat.

Smart touch for quick hot water (artwork)

In addition, KoriHome Series 9 has a built-in heating function to make your family easier and more convenient for daily activities with just a few light touches with smart touch control buttons on the body.

Save energy when there is no need to use and smart security lock.

The smart features built into KoriHome’s Series 9 water purifiers are carefully researched in advance to create the best user experience. Touch control system but always integrated safety hot water lock function helps you no longer worry when children accidentally touched.

When it’s dark or in low light, the Eco feature of the KoriHome Series 9 will start activating, the sensor will keep the water from heating and save up to 30% of the electricity used compared to the hot machine common cold.

Thousands of families across Vietnam have trusted and selected KoriHome products to lead a fuller life.

KoriHome is a brand of manufacturing and distributing Korean electrical appliances and high-quality water heaters in Vietnam. The company affirms its position in the market with products that are appreciated for exquisite design and elegance, giving users the most perfect experience wherever and whatever they require.


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